Friday, 17 June 2011

Hi everybody I’m just going to put the day and what happened at the bottom of the page. Wednesday;As always on a Wednesday i go to a mini  violin group, it was OK after all we did have concert tomorrow.Anyway on Wednesday's my sister has orchestra so i get dragged all the way out for half a hour and then i have to pick her up again like 20 mins later!!!!!!!!!!                                          
           Thursday: Nothing really happens on Thursday .
      so I'm. just gonna skip to the end of the .
      sister goes. to art class on Thursday YAY!!!no
      sis any more for 2 hours!and my my fav T.V..
      show HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER is on!.
      Friday:hi! nothing i can remember on this day .
      so just gonna say i had violin today and My sister got in trouble for hitting me with her bow!
      Saturday:in the morning at 9:00 i got up for 
      netball.we lost it was 14-16.
 Sunday:went shopping and got 2 smiggle rubbers and a 6 six pack of gomus.   

see ya!